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What Makes Twinkie Bubz So Special !!

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Non Toxic

Anti Slippery




Machine Washable


Our shoes are designed to cover all stages of our baby's feet growth from a Crawler to Toddler.

Size 105 – Protect baby’s delicate feet and be used when using the baby walker.

Size 115 – Shoes for walkers taking their first steps.

Size 125 – 135 – Indoor & Outdoor shoes (Indoor playground, kids café, waterparks & day care centres).

It's safe & non toxic for our babies

Did you know our Sock Shoe Soles are made from TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) rubber, this rubber is made from the same material as baby teething toys. The rubber used is safe (non-toxic certified) for babies to even bite or suck on.


The bottom of the soles have Honeycombed shapes with an excellent frictional force between their shoes and the ground to prevent our babies from slipping.

Extremely Light - only 28g for size 105 Sock Shoes

Our Sock Shoes is perfect for our babies to take their first steps. As the smallest size is manufactured at 28 grams! Researchers has found that minimizing the shoe weight is helpful for growth and development for babies when they learn to walk.


Our foam insoles have excellent deodorizing effect making it very breathable. If you notice our soles have vent holes and antibacterial ingredients to protect the feet from bacteria's. Perfect for those sweaty feet

Good Wear ability

Good wear ability is provided by shoes being wrapped around our baby’s feet, rather than having to adjust our babies feet to already shaped shoes.


Our shoes are so easy to put on and take off from our babies. It literally feels like socks. The best thing about this is, it's easy to wash. Just leave it into the Washing Machine and leave it out to dry.

Excellent Elasticity

Our Shoes improve our baby's ankle comfort by using stretch fabrics (Lycra) for women’s stockings. The shoe can be folded and unfolded to make them shorter and longer.

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