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Our Story

Hi, I’m Kim the Founder of Twinkie Bubz. I would like to share how our business, based in Melbourne, began. It all started in August 2018. At the time, I was working part-time, having returned from maternity leave after giving birth to my youngest son who was born premature at 24 weeks. Due to his prematurity, he had developmental delays which required the assistance and support of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. However, I became concerned about the lack of good shoes available in the stores which would support my child's unique needs, especially during his physiotherapy sessions. In particular, most shoe heels I found were too hard, making it uncomfortable for him to wear, or otherwise, the conventional shoes and/or socks would slip off his feet. 

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My prayers were answered when I went to a baby expo and discovered a pair of socks and shoes. I immediately purchased two pairs and trialled them on my son. My intention was for these shoes to support my son in his journey to learning how to sit and stand. I was particularly looking for something that would be comfortable and warm during a cold day while also supportive and non-slip during his physiotherapy sessions. It was to my absolute pleasure that the pair of sock shoes I had purchased had actually worked.

From there, I received a lot of interest from those around me regarding the sock shoes my son was wearing. This made me realise how there was a lack of options available to us, as consumers of child shoes, particularly these sock shoes which have revolutionised my idea of what a child's shoe should entail. I believe in comfortable, easy to wear, non-slip and stylish shoes, something these sock shoes tick all the boxed for. Ultimately, I decided from then that I should distribute these shoes to other parents who may be in the same predicament as myself and proceeded to contact a distributor. My business began from there. 

I started off selling these sock shoes to my Friends, Families, Childcare Centers and Market Expos. Through advertisements on social media the business continues to grow humbly. ​​We are now launching our new web page to help expand our products and for our customers to access our catalogue as soon as possible.

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