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Handmade with ♥ from Melbourne Australia


For many of us pacifier clips are a necessity. With the many bad bacteria living around us, we as parents want to make sure that our children are protected. Each time our child drops their pacifier the first thing our child would do is pick it up and put it back into their mouths, just imaging this scene scares all parents as they do not know what just went into their mouths. The aim of our pacifiers is to help prevent this occurring.


A KAM Pacifier Clip is attached to the Grosgrain Ribbon (Approximately 19-20 cm Long not including the Pacifier Clip and 22-25 mm wide) this is secured by being sewn on one end using cotton thread.
A Snap button is placed on the other end of the ribbon to make it easy to attach and detach the Dummy.


All products are cut and sewed individually by myself :) Hence there may be a slightly small difference from each ribbon and colour.






Our Pacifier Clips can only be hand wash in warm water with Soap. Rinse and hang to dry.

Do not put our Pacifier Clips in the dryer, dishwasher or iron.





  • DO NOT use the clips as tethers, our pacifier clip is not a toy.

  • Pacifier Clips should always be used under strict adult supervision.

  • DO NOT tie the Pacifier Clip around the child's neck, as it poses a strangulation hazard.

  • DO NOT allow your Child to sleep while wearing a Pacifier Clip

  • DO NOT add beads or other attachments

  • DO NOT lengthen the Clip

  • DO NOT Bleach, tumble dry or iron

  • Check carefully before each use, dispose the clip at the first sign of damage or weakness.


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